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Custom Picture Framing

Custom picture framing is an ART within itself!  It takes a highly trained professional and the best of equipment to turn the finest piece of art into a masterpiece.  This and a keen eye for color and great eye-appeal is what sets Artistic Recognitions so far above our competition, but at much lower prices! 

We order from the top distributors on the West Coast.  There are 1000's of mouldings available from the low-end polustyrenes and narrow hardwoods to the high-end wide hardwoods and the gilted golds.  Metal frames, cloth liners and fillets are also favorite choices among our customers.

Custom Picture Framing is so much more than putting mats and a frame around the artwork.  The right framing package should enhance the artwork and not over-power it.

Matting:  The choices are unlimited. 
  •     Preservation or paper matboards
  •     Linen, suede, cloth, rag mats, and acid free
    Computerized mat cuts.  V-grooves, bevel accents, and more than 1,500 specialty cuts and corners. 

Frames:  1000's of samples 
  •      Precision cuts and mitering
  •      Puttied and hand-rubbed corners 
Glazing:  Tight fitting
  •      Regular glass and regular acrylic
  •      Preservation clear and museum
  •      UV and non-glares

Picture frames are completely assembled with mats, glass. foam board backing, dust cover backs, wall bumpers, and hanging hardware.

All major credit cards are accepted - fast turn-around

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